Types of Audits

Our auditing services involve more than issuing a report on financial statements. Our tax advisors view each type of audit as an opportunity to evaluate the overall efficiency of an organization’s internal accounting controls. All audits performed by our firm include discussions with management and written recommendations on how to improve significant deficiencies and material weaknesses that may come to our attention during the course of our work. We will also discuss best practice recommendations to enhance internal controls already established.

Types of Audits - Tax Advisor in Missouri - Schultz Wood and Rapp

Our audit professionals are trained and experienced with various types of public and entities and, more importantly, with the structure and unique operations of 501(c)(3) entities. As highly trained auditors, we work to implement solutions that maximize client resources and support fiscal success. We have years of experience with the following types of audits:

Governmental Audits – For school districts, regional planning commissions, public housing authorities and special-purpose taxing jurisdictions.

Non-Profit Audits – For United Way chapters, Chambers of Commerce, sheltered employee workshops, and various other charitable organizations.

Private Company Audits – For manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers ranging in size from small local businesses to large nation-wide companies.

Profit Sharing Plan Audits – To ensure your plan is structured to avoid penalties or the attention of the IRS or the Department of Labor.

The cornerstones of our practice are strict attention to technical excellence, accuracy and proactive personal involvement. We pride ourselves on being knowledge leaders in the industries we serve. Through experience and research, our people develop deep industry insight and specialty skills bringing maximum value to client projects. This brings to you more relevant information and resources so you can make educated financial decisions.