Financial Consulting Services

Most business owners have their hands full running the day to day operations of their business. Smart business owners realize how important sound financial decisions are for the long term health of their business, so they seek out the advice of experienced financial accounting professionals who have a thorough knowledge of the financial complexities of different situations.

Stakeholders in a business may need assistance in approaching a merger, sale or purchase in the best manner that will provide them with maximum benefits. Or a shift in the economic or internal environment may lead to a need for additional financial planning. Our accounting professionals have decades of experience consulting on different and unexpected business challenges and help you plan for how to prevent problems before they arise.

Financial Consulting Services - Financial Accounting in Missouri - Schultz, Wood & Rapp

Our Financial Accounting Consulting Services include:

Business Startup
Business Financing
Financial Planning
Buy/Sell/Merger Transactions
Forensic Accounting Services

The professionals at Schultz, Wood & Rapp recognize that every situation is different. Our personal attention ensures that our clients benefit from the advice and solutions that address your particular situation.