Buy/Sell/Merger Transactions

As organizations look to grow by entering new markets or protecting their existing interests, mergers and acquisitions become important strategic tools. Effective and rapid implementation and communication of activities is essential to a successful transaction. Realizing identified benefits requires the efficient and effective execution of implementation plans with a critical window of time between the deal announcement through the first 100 days after the deal closes.

Many merger and acquisition transactions are perceived by the stakeholders to not be successful because the identified benefits are not realized. We approach integration with a goal of helping you realize the benefits within a specific time frame, while balancing cultural and change management roadblocks.

Buy Sell Merger Transactions - Financial Accounting in Missouri

Expanding Business Operations via Purchases and Mergers

Some business owners have a vision to expand their business by growing through mergers and/or direct buy-out of competitor operations. Our financial accounting experts can assist you in determining the appropriate financial value of such a transaction, the financial forecasting of what a combined operation may look like, and terms needed to protect your financial interests.

Current Ownership Transition

All business owners experience a life cycle of start-up, growth spurts, cyclical economic ups and downs, and eventual finality of leaving the business it has developed. Planning for the proper exit strategy is critical for the business owners to realize which method will be the best long-term and financially optimum tool to pursue.

Schultz, Wood & Rapp’s partners understand the desire to obtain maximum value and ensure smooth transition after current business owners leave the business. Our Partners can develop specific buy/sell arrangements between existing owners for both timely and untimely departures of the ownership group.

In addition, strategies can be developed to identify key potential suitors outside the Company to eventually purchase the business as a stand-alone or by merging with other businesses.