Auditing and Financial Statement Services

Through our Auditing and Financial Statement Services, we work with clients on multiple levels. These areas include:

Audited Financial Statements: The most intensive level of service that yields an opinion on all financial statements

Reviewed Financial Statement Services: The next level of service which provides limited assurance that no material modifications need to be made to financial statements

Compilation Statement Services: The lowest level of service that does not include an opinion or assurance of financial statements

Auditing and Financial Statement Services - Auditors in Missouri - Schultz, Wood & Rapp

At Schultz, Wood & Rapp, we understand the importance of working side-by-side with you, tailoring our services to fit your specific needs. We bring extensive technical resources and specialized knowledge, combined with the personal attention and accessibility of our partners and managers. Communication and timely response are critical to a positive relationship with our clients. We encourage and embrace close interaction and recognize that our clear objective is to help business owners and managers reach their financial goals.

Our auditors have strived for continued excellence in this area by implementing new methodologies, adopting new technologies and staying abreast of current developments. We evaluate your business, observe the marketplace and industry issues, analyze your situation and design a customized plan. This uniquely positions us to deliver superior services that clients like you expect from a business advisor.

We pride ourselves on being knowledge leaders in the industries we serve. Through experience and research, our people develop deep industry insight and specialty skills bringing maximum value to client projects. This brings to you more relevant information and resources so you can make educated financial decisions.