Financial Planning

At the core of every successful business, is the drive for the entrepreneur to “plan the work and work the plan”. At Schultz, Wood & Rapp, P.C., our partners and accounting services professionals work with a diverse cross section of businesses and industries, allowing us the unique opportunity to assist management and ownership to systematically and logically attack the challenges facing businesses today.

Financial Planning - Accounting Services in Missouri

Plan The Work

We can assist your business in developing an overall business plan and dovetail the financial planning needed to achieve those goals by determining the correct magnitude and blend of financial ownership equity versus third party lending tools needed to get your company up and running, overcome any short-term cash flow needs, and establish and negotiate financial instruments to ensure long-term stability.

Work The Plan

All too often, businesses come up short in the execution and follow through needed to succeed in starting and building its business. Our “hands-on” approach to business consulting ensures that frequent, periodic meetings are conducted with Ownership, Management, and Our Lead Partner to assess the status of achieving goals, review financial results, update and tweak operational strategies, and modify Company forecasts. These proven tools allow Businesses to have a “Ready, Aim Fire” response to overcome its challenges rather than being stuck in a perpetual mode of inaction.

Financial planning is no easy task and having our experts committed to understanding your short- and long-term goals can be crucial. Our specialists have years of experience collaborating with individuals and businesses to develop a variety of financial plans. We not only work with you to develop formal plans. We review and suggest updates based on your changing circumstances to achieve your financial goals.