Ownership and Management Consultations

Performance management is the link between information and business strategy that delivers the actionable information needed to make good decisions. Schultz, Wood & Rapp can help you create and improve critical financial and operational business processes with process improvement and best practices. We will provide you an objective voice from our many years of experience.

Working together with our clients, our tax consultants can analyze your business to create a plan that will achieve your goals and help implement the solution carefully and correctly so it works as it should. We can customize training to your specific business processes and provide high levels of experienced and competent support for ongoing operations. Our performance management services empowers people with information and gives them the time to analyze and act to improve business performance.

Ownership and Management Consultations - Tax Consultant in Missouri - Schultz Wood and Rapp

In a landscape of change, competitive advantage stems from the ability to gain insights from data. Informed leaders make more impactful decisions that result in dynamic results throughout the business. Every organization, regardless of its current capability, can benefit by becoming more analytical over time. Schultz, Wood and Rapp’s tax consultants work with businesses and non-profit and government organizations to develop the predictive capabilities needed to outperform in these fast-changing times.

There are many processes underlying your business operations, many of which are often transactional in nature and high in volume. These processes are intended to enable business success and flexibility. However, often through poor planning or over time through growth, downsizing or acquisition integration, these processes become unwieldy, manually intensive, prone to error and risk and adversely affect overall business strategy.

Our operational excellence tax consultants will utilize their expertise to identify, analyze and redesign your company’s core business processes with the aim of identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks and waste. We utilize proven techniques, best practices and enabling technologies to reduce days to close, enhance your consolidation process and imrove both decision support and customer value. We can help you achieve value quickly by incorporating lean methodologies, mapping the value stream of your end-to-end support processes, designing and implementing practical solutions, designing actionable process measurements and managing change.